International Conference on Tropical Biodiversity 2018 (Please click on the flyer for more information)

International Conference on Recent Trends in Humanities & Science


Malaysia is well positioned in biodiversity research.  We are identified as one of the 12 most biologically diverse nations.  The Government policy supports key areas in natural resources within the Malaysia Plan and also in the National Biotechnology Policy.  Therefore, the establishment of a Biodiversity Research Centre in UTAR is appropriate within the context of research in Malaysia.   This centre will hopefully complement institutions of higher education both locally and abroad and serve as a catalyst for education, training and commerce thus contributing to UTAR’s goals of inculcating a culture of scholastic research through major research programmes and cooperative efforts with partners.  


The establishment of a leading centre of excellence for research, development and commercialisation of natural resources  


To promote multi-disciplinary research, product development and training of personnel in priority areas to drive local industries towards sustainable utilization of natural resources


UISS 2018

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Agritech Seminar Series XVII

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Local Herbs Day II

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